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Welcome to the new MERLOT Sociology Portal, an educational resource for teaching and learning in sociology. You are invited to become a Member. It's free. We hope as you use the learning material and other resources, you will discover and create your own learning materials to share with others!

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Learning Materials

Looking for innovative ideas for teaching sociology? Visit our MERLOT Sociology collection where you can search or browse for materials relevant to your interests.

Related disciplines might also offer you some ideas, try these:


Criminal Justice

Political Science




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Beyond MERLOT will help you find other resources such as:

Professional Organizations
Sociology Education Journals
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If you have recommendations for these areas, please send them to Lynn Ritchey


Featured Website:

The Editorial Board is reviewing some very spectacular websites to enhance your courses. We will post our favorites soon!

To perk your interest, you might want to visit Sociological Cinema or The Society Pages.